Activist of the Month

There are so many amazing dedicated advocates who volunteer their time to making the world a kinder place. Please join the Columbus Veg Community in recognizing the remarkable efforts of these featured activists who fight for animals, the environment, and human health :-)

Raven Morgan & Dustin Weatherby--Dec 2017

Raven and Dustin are a true power couple and a force for good! They bring to activism an energy, dedication and selflessness that is truly inspirational. Raven and Dustin are MMA fighters and true role models for how strong and healthy plant-powered athletes can be! In addition to tabling at events where they take a compassionate approach to sharing a wealth of knowledge about health and wellness, they also regular mentor and counsel people interested in learning more about making vegan choices. Raven and Dustin don’t skip a beat when it comes to jumping in to help anyone who is curious about trying veg. They provide one-on-one mentoring and even take people grocery shopping to help them learn about all the plentiful, healthful vegan choices there are! In addition to rocking the health piece of activism, Raven and Dustin are always behind the scenes doing the hard work it takes to make events possible. From heavy lifting at Sunrise clean-up days, setting up/tearing down events, social media postings, flyer design, buying supplies for events, food sampling prep, tabling, debriefing at Paid-Per-Views, and much more, these two are always not only being the change they want to see in the world, but also actively working to make the changes they want to see in the world possible. They even volunteered on their wedding anniversary and worked in the pouring icy rain to tear down an event! Columbus is definitely a kinder place because of these two amazing activists! Stop by the Grandview Winter Hop this Saturday where Dustin will be carving an ice sculpture from 4pm-8pm to congratulate Raven & Dustin on being the December Dynamic Duo activists of the month!

Tina Hysell-- November 2017

Tina is a lifelong animal lover and long-time vegan. Tina is one of the most soft-spoken people at events but don’t let her quiet demeanor fool you- Tina is a dedicated activist ninja behind the scenes! The Columbus Veg Community (CVC) events run smoothly because of behind-the-scenes-activist-ninjas like Tina. When events run smoothly it’s because of careful attention to detail and loving preparation. Tina has ensured that literature is prepared, displays are immaculate, and rough edges of planning are smoothed out in order to ensure a great time at every event. Tina is always the first to offer to lend a hand and is a selfless, loving person to animals and people. Additionally, Tina was responsible for raising the money the CVC donated to the Ovarian Cancer Alliance of Ohio through her creative fundraising strategy, and is again helping raise money at November 12th’s Race for Hope which benefits Colorectal Cancer Awareness. In addition to fundraising to help fight Colorectal Cancer, Tina will be representing No-Meat Athletes with her plant-powered-prowess while running the 5K! We are so thankful for the positive influence Tina has on animals, on activist events, and on cancer awareness! Please help us celebrate Tina as the November activist of the Month by congratulating her at any CVC upcoming event, or running alongside her at the Race for Hope

Cassie Clifford-- October 2017

Cassie Clifford is of the hardest working activists anyone in Columbus has had the pleasure of working with. Cassie is a tireless community activist leader. She also is serving her second year as the President of OSU student group Reaching Out For Animal Rights (ROAR). In addition to being a tireless activist, Cassie is, without a doubt, the kindest person many of us have ever met. Cassie’s dedication to helping people try, and choose, cruelty-free products in order to ease animal suffering and promote environmental sustainability is nothing less than admirable and inspiring. Cassie is remarkable because despite the demands of being a full-time college student, holding down three jobs, and keeping up with family & personal life, she always find time to serve as a voice for the voiceless. A small sample of the multitude of activism Cassie engages in on an on-going basis are: free vegan food/drink samples on OSU’s campus, hosting Paid-Per-Views, pulling off a massive vegan Thanksgiving dinner for an OSU dorm, and always being the first one to cook for, and share, vegan food with veg-curious folks (including for large community events!). Cassie is so selfless and it is undeniably clear that her heart is huge and in the right place. The Columbus Veg Community is so thankful for Cassie because we know that animals, the environment, and people are all better off because of her impact on the world. Please join us in celebrating Cassie as the October Activist of the Month! You can catch her at any OSU-based or ROAR event, or find her working on the Sobremesa food truck! 

Brooke Turner-- September 2017

Brooke is a social media master, cow selfie connoisseur, cat mama, and an amazing animal protection activist! She has been engaging in a myriad of animal protection events with the Columbus Veg Community (CVC) since February 2017 and has quickly won many hearts in Columbus with her passion for veganism and Instagram expertise. Brook is dedicated to helping make trying veg, going veg, and staying veg as fun and easy as possible. She vividly answers the question of "what on Earth do vegans eat besides salad and ice chips?" with vibrant photos and descriptions of the delicious vegan foods she makes at home and finds around the city. Behind the scenes, Brooke provides one-on-one support and mentorship to her Instagram and Facebook followers who are veg-curious and newly vegan and we can't admire her enough for her daily actions that make the world a kinder place for animals, and a more delicious and healthful place for people! Be sure to say hello to Brooke at the upcoming Open Barn Day and congratulate her with us on being a truly inspirational advocate and the September Animal Activist of the Month!

Atticus Bradford-- August 2017

Atticus is an artistic animal hero who got his start protecting animals at an early age with the support of his superwoman veg mom Kami! At age 11 Atticus and his friends chose to highlight Vegetarianism as their Destination Imagination school project focus. As part of that project he leafleted with the local Mercy For Animals team on OSU's campus and also hosted a community Veg Food Tasting event which was a slam dunk success. At only 11 years old, Atticus and his friends raised all of the money needed to purchase the three tablets used by the Columbus Veg Community (CVC) at Paid-Per-View events by selling their homemade art and jewelry. Since then, Atticus has regularly worked to help animals and promote veg choices with creative ventures such as: selling handcrafted animal pencils at his school's craft fair (where his proceeds benefited Sunrise Sanctuary), serving hot and healthful vegan meals to community members in need at Christmas, and then making vegan valentines for them, and fundraising for printing the Veg Resource Guides with his artistic creations! Most recently, Atticus served on the panel of judges who declared the top 3 best vegan mac 'n cheezes in the city of Columbus! Finally, if you love the new CVC piglet meme posted that debuted at the Mac Down event, you can thank Atticus and Kami for that too! The CVC is so inspired by all of Atticus' activism at such a young age and is excited to join in his efforts to help animals. We look forward to all the great things Atticus will continue to do for animals and are delighted to announce him as the Activist of the Month for August!

Sean Hennessy-- July 2017

Sean is a dedicated animal advocate and long-time animal lover. He has been engaging in veg advocacy for over 2 years and has made great strides in making choosing veg easier and easier! In addition to helping with Columbus Veg Community (CVC) outreach, Sean works for Vegan Outreach as the Greater Ohio Outreach Coordinator. Sean works for animals by leafleting across Ohio and surrounding states, educating the community with humane education presentations about plant-based eating at high schools, and assisting on corporate campaigns. He is also the lead organizer of the upcoming dinner event: Vegan Mac Down Columbus, which is happening on July 15th (check it out here)! The CVC is so thankful for all of Sean’s hard work to make the world a kinder place and is thrilled to highlight him as Activist of the Month for July!

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