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Beginners Support Group

Upcoming Meetings: 10/18

“Veg Support For Beginners” is a discussion-based group that provides answers and support related to how to transition to a plant-based diet and how to cope with stressors unique to thinking about considerations for a plant-based diet including ethical, environmental, health, and social justice issues. Please feel free to come to group and share, or just listen, as we discuss the “how-to” of trying veg, the ups and downs of navigating interpersonal relationship dynamics, ethical issues, and more! This group is recommended for a range of people including those who are newly thinking about the possibility of trying to go veg, those who are flexitarian/reducetarian, and those who have been vegetarian/vegan for less than 1 month. 

Advanced Support Group

Upcoming Meetings: 10/26

“Veg Support For the Advanced Vegan” is a discussion-based group that provides support related to cope with stressors unique to people who have been vegetarian/vegan for several months to several years. Topics will include but are not limited to: interpersonal relationships, workplace dynamics, healthy coping, and effective activism. Please feel free to come to group and share, or just listen.While the topics of this group will greatly benefit those who have been vegetarian or vegan for longer than 1 month, all are welcome regardless of their current lifestyle. We recommend the “Veg Support For Beginners” Group for those who are new to thinking about trying veg. 

Seasoned veg activists will facilitate the support groups and ensure a safe environment in which group members can make connections and learn from each other.

Please don’t hesitate to contact the CVC at with any questions, concerns, or needs prior to these groups :-)

Volunteer Orientation: Learn About Activism Opportunities (10/16/2017) 

Veg-curious? Vegetarian? Vegan? Animal Lover? Interested in animal protection activism? Want to learn more about the multitude of effective activism opportunities through the Columbus Veg Community (CVC)? Do you feel shy or apprehensive about doing grasswork activism and want to talk about what goes into it before hitting the streets? Then this meetup is for you! :-D

Come join seasoned activists from the Columbus Veg Community (CVC) and learn more about the CVC’s approach to activism, tips for new activists, and upcoming opportunities to help animals :-) Activism opportunities that will be discussed include: leafletting, Paid-Per-Views, documentary screenings, peaceful demonstrations, food sampling at OSU’s campus, restaurant card initiative, chalktivism, Posters Against Cruelty, community dinners and more! :-)

Coming to this meetup does not commit you to anything- it is simply informational. After the meetup you can feel free to reach out to the CVC to express your interest in committing to any of the activities you are interested in :-D

Sunrise Sanctuary Open Barn Day (10/21/2016)

Join the Columbus Veg Community (CVC) and other animal lovers at Sunrise Sanctuary’s Open Barn Day where we are blessed with the opportunity to get to spend time with the big personalities of the animal residents. If you’ve never met a cow, pig, or turkey you’re definitely in for a treat! Other animal residents include: horses, sheep, peacock, chickens, llamas and more! Open Barn Days are a treat because there are many Sunrise volunteers who share stories of each of the rescued animals if you ask :-) This event is FREE (but they won’t say no if you feed their donation piggy bank or buy some of their awesome merch) :-) Admission is FREE but signing up online helps them guestimate the number of volunteers they need, please get your free tickets here.

Spooky Veg Pop-Up Market (10/22/17)

The Spooky Veg Pop-Up Market hosted by It's All Natural is a great way to celebrate the changing of another season! This pop-up is a celebration of Fall where local vegan and vegan-friendly vendors come together to serve you their vegan eats and display cruelty-free products all in one place! Don't miss out on great food, great shopping, and great company! :-)

Oh, and did we mention they will be rocking a Vegan Trick-Or-Treating too?! Learn more here!

"What Cody Saw" - Paid-Per-View at OSU (10/23/2017)

The Columbus Veg Community (CVC) is excited to return to OSU to co-host a "What Cody Saw" Paid-Per-View with our friends from Reaching Out For Animal Rights (ROAR)! At this event, we are PAYING YOU $1 to watch our 4 minute video which highlights industry standard practices in animal agriculture (basically, what you and I would be taught to do if we were hired on a farm today).

Come check out our booth, get a $1 bill for watching the video and sharing your thoughts with us afterward, and grab free swag at the table! :-D

If you're an animal protection activist interested in volunteering, or if you simply have any questions please don't hesitate to contact the CVC.

Chipotle Fundraiser (10/29/2017)

Support the Columbus Veg Community's (CVC) outreach efforts simply by joining us for a delicious Chipotle meetup! 

Please show the promotional Chipotle flyer when checking out (either on your phone or a printed copy) and Chipotle will donate 50% of your purchase back to the CVC! :-D The CVC will use all of the money raised at this fundraiser to purchase literature that we take to community events that support people who are curious about trying out a veg lifestyle :-)

The Columbus Veg Community leadership will be there from 4-8pm to share a meal with everyone who attends in a social meetup! :-D We will also have vegan Tofutti Sour Cream for anyone who wants some! 

Finally, the CVC will be holding a raffle for everyone who participates in the fundraiser (whether you stay for the meetup or take your food to go)! Be sure to say hello to the CVC between 4-8pm to get a raffle ticket and be entered to win a CVC baseball cap and beet car magnet! You do not need to be present to win.

CVC at the USG's How to Live Sustainably Event (10/30/2017)

The Columbus Veg Community (CVC) is excited to participate in the informational event “How to Live Sustainably” at the Wexner Center for the Arts. This event is hosted by OSU’s USG Sustainability Committee and will be happening from 6-9pm on Monday, October 30th.

The evening will include an hour long discussion with community and student leaders who would like to share new ways to live a sustainable lifestyle on a college campus. Following the discussion, attendees have the opportunity to mingle in the Mershon Auditorium Lobby where the Columbus Veg Community will have information about how eating more plants is the ultimate lifestyle move for environmental sustainability. The Columbus Veg Community will have a booth among other local businesses and representatives from OSU student organizations! While at the event, attendees will be selected to win sets of ToGo Ware, a set of reusable Bamboo utensils.

We look forward to seeing you there!

World Vegan Day: Vegan Food Samples Giveaway on OSU Campus (11/1/2017)

The Columbus Veg Community (CVC) is pumped to partner with Reaching Out For Animal Rights (ROAR) to celebrate World Vegan Day by sharing vegan food samples on OSU’s campus! Come by our tent at the Oval beginning at 1pm and try some vegan foods, grab some free literature, get awesome swag like stickers and buttons, and learn about how delicious, environmentally sustainable and easy eating plant-based can be! :-D

World Vegan Day: Dinner with Chef Charlie (11/1/2017)

What better way to celebrate World Vegan Day, which is the kickoff to World Vegan Month, than with a dinner meetup where we eat amazing vegan pierogis and vegan special (to be announced soon!)!! How about adding in a special appearance from the vegan chef behind the amazing vegan foods: Chef Charlie!!! :-D That’s right- in addition to chowing down on delicious vegan food with great company, we are going to be blessed with a special appearance by the one-and-only Chef Charlie :-D Chef Charlie impresses veg-food-lovers in Columbus week after week with his amazing vegan sausages (4 varieties!), vegan pierogis, and vegan specials (that vegan mac ‘n cheese is to die for!). Chef Charlie will once again be making a vegan special which will debut on the day of this meetup and will be announced closer to the date :-)

So: vegan pierogis, vegan special, and Chef Charlie… sounds pretty amazing! How about we throw in a special raffle prize too for anyone who orders a vegan meal?! Just for coming to eat delicious vegan food and celebrate the kickoff of World Vegan Month with us, you will get a raffle ticket to be entered to win a prize! The winner will be announced at 7:30pm and you do not need to be present to win :-)

Please feel free to come anytime between 5:30pm and 7:30pm! :-D

Vegan Cookbook Club @ Gahanna Library (11/5/2017)

Please pick a *recipe from your favorite cookbook :-D Then, bring that delicious dish (with at least 20 sample servings) to share with the other attendees. If cooking isn't your jam, feel free to bring any delicious *vegan food to share :-)

*All foods at this meetup must be vegan please. Please ensure your dish does not contain: dairy, egg, gelatin, honey, or meat. 

If you for sure want to participate but need help picking a recipe, or aren't sure how to cook vegan foods don’t hesitate to email us for ideas and help :-) 

We look forward to a fun Vegan Cookbook Club (Potluck) with delicious food, new recipes, great company, and new friends!
All plates, napkins, cups, drinks and silverware will be provided. This will be an eco-friendly zero-waste event :-D Learn more here!

Karaoke & Vegan Pierogis (11/25/2017)

Let's meetup for a social event where we sing karaoke (or watch other's sing if that's more your jam!) and eat delicious vegan pierogis together! :-D Saturdays at 10pm Excesss Karaoke rocks Cafe Bourbon Street with the best selection of karaoke songs in the city! Inside Cafe Bourbon Street is the best late night vegan food go-to: Pierogi Mountain!!! :-D

Karaoke starts at 10pm and the meetup will be from 10pm-12am (although karaoke goes until 2am so feel free to stay past the time of the meetup if you're feeling especially musical!)

Check out the songs they have available to sing here!

Please don't hesitate to contact the CVC with any questions or needs prior to the event.

The most up-to-date and full list of events (with photos) is posted on the Columbus Veg Meetup page. Please also let us know about any events you would like to see that aren't listed by shooting us a message here. Thank you so much! Looking forward to seeing you at an event soon!

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