Choosing Veg Options is Easy to Do!

Choosing veg options is awesome for your health, the environment, and animals, and it's easy to do! Just check out these awesome veg resources to get your started and don't hesitate to reach out to us for support and with any questions!


Reinvent your routine, rethink your diet, rediscover flavor, and replenish your body with the help of this awesome resource! Find awesome recipes, answers to questions, tips for meat-free and dairy-free substitutions, an excellent blog, and more here! Don't forget to order your free Veg Starter guide while you're there!

The Columbus Veg Meet Up Group

Whether you are learning about plant-based living and are simply veg curious, or vegetarian, or vegan. This group is for everyone! From casual events all the way to peaceful effective activist events, this group has it all! Join today here!

Vegan Outreach Mentor Program

Whether you want to start small with Meatless Mondays, try vegetarian, or go vegan, this program is for you!

Easy Substitutes

Find easy to swap in veg versions of traditionally animal-based foods here! Thanks to Vegan Outreach for this one!

Vegan Stoner

Find fast, cheap, and super easy veg recipes here! They all all illustrated with colorful cartoons that make cooking tasty and fun!

Post Punk Kitchen

Based on the vegan cooking show that aired on Brooklyn and Manhattan public-access TV! Get your rad recipes here!

Body Building

Find meal plans, training tips, athlete profiles, a forum, and everything you need to know about being a plant-powered top performer here!


Find the latest in evidence-based nutrition research delivered in easy to understand videos hosted by Dr. Michael Greger here.

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