Internship Opportunities

Whether you need to complete an internship for school credit, to gain skills in activism or nonprofit management, to make connections, or to boost your resume and secure references- a Columbus Veg Community (CVC) internship could be a perfect fit for you! 

As an intern, you’ll work directly with the CVC Founder and Executive Director to build activist skills that will benefit you as you move forward into your career either in animal protection or any other social movement. 

Internships range in commitments from 7 weeks to 6 months, and 15 hours weekly to 40 hours weekly. 

There are four options for internships with the CVC at this time: 

1) General Student Internship- this is for the high school or college student looking to complete an internship to complete a school requirement. This internship will build your skills in activism, increase your knowledge about the vegan movement, and enhance your critical thinking skills. 

2) Animal Rights Internship- this is for the activist who would like to build their skills in activism in order to further develop themselves as an effective animal protection activist. This internship has a focus on activist theory, grassroots organizing, and leadership. 

3) Nonprofit Management Internship- this is for the individual who is interested in learning more about management of a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. In addition to building your skills in activism, increase your knowledge about the vegan movement, and enhancing your critical thinking skills, you will also learn about the inner workings of managing and growing a nonprofit. 

4) Social Media Internship- this is for the individual who wants to utilize social media in order to promote veganism as fun, friendly & delicious in an effort to inspire more people to choose vegan options and lifestyles. 

At the successful completion of each internship you will be given a certificate of completion, the option to have letters of recommendation/references, you’ll have hands-on experience in grassroots activism, and connections that could help you as you move forward. 

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