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The Columbus Veg Community (CVC) Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit that strives to make veganism fun, friendly and acessible. Our mission is to benefit animals, the environment, and human health by engaging in grassroots efforts to share the benefits of plant-based lifestyles with the community through the means of a transitional approach, inclusive messaging, and effective altruism.

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Throughout each year, the CVC participates in or hosts: leafletting events, Paid-Per-Views, documentary screenings, vegan food sampling events on college campuses & at festivals/expos, vegan food shares & potlucks, support groups, book clubs, public lectures, Sunrise Sanctuary clean-ups, presentations on plant-based living to local organizations and high school classrooms, family-friendly literature & resource creation, and a restaurant outreach initiative! 

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The CVC embraces the philosophy of effective altruism in all events and strives to meet people where they are at, whether that be exploring Meatless Mondays, learning about reducetarian/flexitarian, trying vegetarian, transitioning to veganism, or anywhere along the spectrum! 

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The Committee

Kaylyn Rhoads -- Founder & Executive Director

Kaylyn is a long time animal lover and animal protection activist. At 16 years old she hosted her first veg event with a community potluck at her local community center. Over a decade later, she is over the moon about helping coordinate community events with the Columbus Veg Community. Kaylyn has three years of experience coordinating plant-based events in Columbus, and over a decade of leadership experience in social justice organizations. In her free time, Kaylyn loves to hug cows at Sunrise Sanctuary and watch adorable pig videos on YouTube.

Evan Rhoads -- Education Director

Evan is a graduate student in the philosophy department at Ohio State University writing a dissertation about the history of philosophical thought about the minds of animals. Evan went vegan in 2014 after reading Peter Singer’s “Animal Liberation” and is well read in animal ethics and food ethics. Evan is interested in using philosophy to enrich lives and to encourage critical reflection on the status of animals in society. In his free time, Evan enjoys following politics and playing his banjo for his 5 cats.

Check out Evan's My Vegan Journey YouTube feature here!

Raven Morgan -- Health Coach

Raven become vegetarian at age 12 years old. Then at the age of 29, she became vegan. Before becoming a dental hygienist, she worked as a vet tech on factory farms and in medical research. She was able to get the insider scoop on what really happens behind the scenes on farms and within the research field. Needless to say this led her to switch from vegetarianism to veganism. This switch allowed her to avoid contributing to unnecessary suffering of the animals. Raven has competed in martial arts for over a decade and still trains on a weekly basis. She is confident that her vegan diet has greatly contributed to her success as an athlete. Through discipline and kindness, she uses her experience to help others make health changes. Raven has been working with the Columbus Veg Community for almost a year as a health coach. Working one-on-one with others allows her to provide realistic health advice specific to the person she is working with. It is Raven's passion to help others find peace by living a peaceful lifestyle and learning how to love yourself and the others around you. In her free time you can find her mentoring people, helping her husband with his sculpture business, training-working out, and hanging out with her 16 year old cat named Biggie! 

Check out Raven's My Vegan Journey YouTube feature here!

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Dustin "DJ" Weatherby -- Health Coach

DJ became vegetarian in 2013 and became vegan and 2015. He is a lifelong athlete who has competed in baseball, football, rugby,wrestling, MMA, boxing, and jiu-jitsu. Since his switch to veganism, he has noticed his body fat has greatly decreased and his performance has become better than ever. At age 37 he is still playing rugby and training MMA weekly. These sports are known to be taxing on the body and he finds that he is recovering better than when he was in his twenties. He has discovered the power of eating a clean whole foods plant-based diet and how it has made him faster, stronger, and more efficient than he's ever been. DJ has been working with the Columbus veg Community as a health coach for almost a year and enjoys giving people recommendations on how to change the cycle of unhealthy habits. He's a sculptor who owns his own business entitled Sculptdecor, where he makes projects including but not limited to, animatronics for haunted houses to ice or wood carvings. In his free time you can find him walking his cat on a leash, brewing up new art projects, working out/training, and mentoring people into a healthier lifestyle. 

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Dan Sponseller

Vegan Food Critic

Dan has been vegan for one year, vegetarian for 32 years, and eating for 51 years. He likes good food. Especially the kind that is kind to other living things and the Earth. And to him! Dan grew up on a farm, where he nurtured his love of nature and farm animals. In the Big City now for almost 30 years, Dan has come to embrace the increasingly-cool city we inhabit. An ongoing 27 year stint at the Columbus Metropolitan Library, plus side ventures into massage therapy and high school English have developed Dan’s research, thinking and interpersonal skills, and frequent world travel has expanded his inner and outer horizons. Taking the plunge last year on the Holistic Holiday at Sea cruise through the Caribbean and hearing world-renowned specialists on plant-based nutrition and ethics cemented his conviction to go vegan. Dan has lived in the Short North for a couple decades, and exploring the wonderful diversity of restaurants led him to blogging, and now to the CVC. Dan is looking forward to exploring the ever-expanding vegan culinary world and sharing it with you! Check out Dan's food blog: the Columbus VegTable Here!

Cassie Clifford

Campus Liaison & Event Planner

Cassie is no spring chicken to activism and animal protection! At 8 years old she went vegetarian and at 16 years old she went vegan. Now a student at OSU she coordinates animal protection events as the President of the OSU student group Reaching Out For Animal Rights (ROAR) and as the PETA2 OSU Campus Representative. When Cassie isn't engaging in activism, or studying environmental economics, she loves to cook delicious vegan foods and desserts and play with her furbaby ferret.

Special thanks to Alma Images for this photo!

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